Skills Platform

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Our Skills Development Platform

betterU has the necessary management tools to help everyone involved in the learning process. Employees, students, HR leaders, IT Department Heads and all learner level users gain access to our portal through specific user-rights with ease and convenience. betterU manages the process, system, set-up and more. Check out some of the features below. 

Managed Services

betterU’s business model is to help our learners reach their learning and development goals. We aim to help individuals or organizations focus on their future success without the other distractions that can come from managing multiple courses from multiple providers. By accessing our Skills Platform, learners have access to all aspects of learning and the tools they need to stay on track in one simple platform. betterU has developed solutions to provide this simplicity with our Managed Services.

Complexity to Simplicity

betterU has been focused on the complexities of the education industry since 2008 and started building solutions that we believe could help simplify access to education for all. Our Ready-To-Go solution is aligned to the models of Expedia, Amazon, and Uber by consolidating, aggregating and leveraging  assets of global providers to collaborate under one platform.  betterU has created and integrated the technologies that will help automate and simplify access to top education and training programs from around the world.

Course Management

Support for multiple types of questions and a variety of test types with extensive reporting on test results. Integration of betterU’s assessment partners from the USA and Europe provides over 800 job based assessments and over 1,000 subject based assessments which are made available to our clients to help determine their team members’ skills gap.

Control the order in which courses can be completed or course content can be viewed to create the proper learning path for each individual. 

Access a massive library of content curated by betterU from around the world. betterU can also deliver custom-built courses by re-using presentations or videos or by curating content from open web-sources.

betterU’s LMS supports the latest industry standard in content interoperability.

betterU is able to collect and analyze survey responses, providing our customers with access to the insights and information they need to properly assess learning and development progress.

betterU is able to take pre-existing content or files, organize, reuse and share them with selected users.

Enterprise Ready

Extensive reporting on  everything within the LMS is available to our clients. A timeline of all system actions and a reports generator provides timely feedback on learning and development progress.

betterU will segment your learning environment from other clients. Each branch is created as a separate installation with its own users, courses, theme, branding and more.

Support for LDAP, SAML2 and Active Directory. Available integrations with Okta and OneLogin identity management systems.

betterU provides access to industry leading educational content from around the world. Our clients can access thousands of pre-made courses covering a variety of topics.

betterU is able to add customized fields to user profiles or courses to enrich the details you collect and report upon.

betterU is able to integrate with over 200 services through Zapier. Native integrations include Shopify, Salesforce, WordPress and GoToMeeting.

Our platform easily integrates into BambooHR and other leading HR management systems. Seamlessly track goals and progress in one system.

Customize or limit users’ access to certain functionalities via custom user types.

betterU is able to minimize administrative overhead with mass and automated actions.

betterU uses an industry leading Rest-API to communicate with our partners and our learning portal to get the data you need.

betterU ensures you work over a secure communication channel. We enforce strong passwords and watermarks on your videos so no matter your security requirements, betterU has you covered.

Learning Delivery

betterU can support your learning and development programs through various learning and delivery methods including instructor-led training. Deliver training events through a classroom or via video conferencing.

Easily design custom certifications that are valid for predefined periods of time. We support a variety of compliancy scenarios that may require re-certification.

Host and attend meetings with the integrated video conference tool. Additional support for various video conference solutions is also available.

Bring your programs to life with badges, points, levels, rewards and leader boards. betterU can customize and enhance your gamification experience through our Gamification Engine.

betterU supports personal messages, calendars, and discussion forum tools to ensure communication and organization is simple and efficient.

betterU provides access to the great features of our LMS in the palm of your hand. With the LMS mobile learning app, our clients have access to rapid micro-learning opportunities so learning can happen on the go. 


betterU can customize your learning and development experience. Brand communication and tailor the system to fit your precise needs.

betterU’s responsive design fits any device. Scalable visual elements are screen ready and will deliver the best learning experience.

Our system conforms to WCAG-2 accessibility requirements.

betterU’s native applications have been developed for iOS and Android devices and integrate with all systems.

Our solution has been built using the most modern web standards and innovative technologies.

Our Translation Engine uses industry leading technology to offer our platform and content in multiple languages.

Our LMS is hosted on industry leading servers combined with Amazon’s CDN, offering our clients speedy file delivery.