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Developing for Success

To be successful in any role, we should always be developing and building new skills. High performers are always finding ways to learn more and grow their expertise; it’s part of what being a high performer is all about. When we grow new skills, we not only perform better in our current jobs, we have more future opportunities available to us as well. The Developing for Success courseware equips you with the tools and information to take the steps required to identify the skills you need now and in the future, as well as shows you how to brand and promote your professional skills, create a personalized skill development plan, and to uncover the best professional organizations for you.

About the Course

This course is made for Individuals to focus on building their knowledge and skills to be successful in their current role, as well as future company positions.

This bundle comprises a number of courses to help you achieve the following goals:

  • Explore the jobs and opportunities within the company
  • Learn how to brand and promote what you love to do
  • Identify potential career opportunities
  • Identify your current skills and capabilities and determine what gaps exist
  • Identify the top actions you can do to strengthen your skills, capabilities, and overall performance
  • Identify skill development opportunities for yourself and/or your employees
  • Create a personal skill development plan
  • Build the skills required to increase personal performance
  • Identify the best professional organizations you should join for your job or career
  • Check your personal expectations regarding your workload and job requirements

receive credit towards certification

  • This course is approved for 1 hour of PMI PDU credit.
  • This bundle or toolkit is approved for SHRM recertification credit
  • This bundle or toolkit is approved for HRCI recertification credit.

Award winning content

These courses help build the skills needed to manage individual and team performance, engage and retain employees, as well as contribute to the organization's success.

Why Ready-To-Go

Research shows that 70% of development happens on the job, and betterU helps the learner apply learning on the job through step by step instructions and exercises. The combination of short videos followed by step by step instructions, help learners put into practice the learning they just completed, which means organization leaders are confident that the transition from learning to application on the job actually happens, and organization capabilities are increased.